4 graphics uncovering connected car trends, risks.

Looking for a quick rundown of the connected car market, expected trends and predictions? These four connected car infographics pack a lot of information into a space smaller than a smart car.

Jabil gives its perspective on 10 hot connected car trends for this year in this infographic from the company’s blog, which pulls from a number of data sources to give a concise perspective on where the connected car ecosystem is today and where it’s headed. Some of these prediction figures cover fairly short-term periods – for instance, this illustrates the current strength of smartphone integration in vehicles. It also summarizes the major vulnerabilities of connected car systems that need to be addressed and offers a peek into how a telematics system can support point-of-sale purchases through the vehicle itself.

This infographic (from BI Intelligence via the Mobile Ecosystem Forum) gets into both the revenue potential – an estimated $152 billion by 2020 – and consumer perceptions and desires for the connected car, as well as some of the major players in the market.

With those predictions and market perspectives in mind, ClickMechanic provides a connected car infographic that outlines some of the challenges facing the autonomous connected car, as well as potential timelines in which they might be solved – or at least acknowledging that there’s an undetermined window on how long it might take for some autonomous car issues to be addressed. No. 1 on the list? Human interactions with autonomous vehicles.

And finally, coming back to those security issues raised by Jabil in the first infographic, application and “Internet of Things” security and application protection company Arxan dug into them more deeply when it released this connected car infographic on an under-the-hood view of where the risks are with a connected car, some tips to mitigate risk, and a look into how “hackable” certain connected car systems are. Security has become an increasingly top-of-mind issue that must be dealt with, especially after a now-famous wireless hacking of a Jeep earlier this year.