With more than 10 years R&D experiences, we can provide the full 4G/5G OEM/ODM solutions to our clients from hardware to software.

TypeItemDescriptionFor You
BasicSoftwareCustomized Logo, strings, picture, configuration, etc
Gift boxCustomized New Design of the Gift Box
Silk-screenCustomized Logo silk-screen on product
ManualCustomized manual and accessories
LanguageCustomized language
AdvanceFunctionCustomized Special Value-added Function or Standard
ID&MDCustomized New ID & MD Design, Tooling
ODMDeviceFull product development under NRE Cost

For ISP and telecom operators, we can provide high-quality OEM 4G/5G broadband products including 4G LTE 5G NR CPE, MIFI, Wingle, Dongle…etc product solution with big volume. 

  • Customization and branding of device and accessories.
  • Branding Software and GUI customization
  • Firmware setting customization
  • Packaging and label customization
  • Customer FCC, CE or other certifications (additional cost)

For wireless device makers, we can provide a variety of design services for both standard and private LTE bands. Our design support and capability includes

  • Standard 4G LTE and Private 4G LTE bands
  • Single and multiband design support
  • 4G LTE CAT4, CAT5, CAT6, CAT7 and CAT12, 5G NR module and devices design
  • USB 2.0, USB 3.0, SDIO, PHY, RGMII interface support option
  • Optional VoLTE interface support option
  • CPE, MIFI, Wingle, Dongle PCIe, NGFF, M2 module design form factor support

For vertical market solution providers, we offer the most cost effective end to end solution specially designed for the vertical market application.

  • Compact indoor and outdoor eNB products (standard or private bands)
  • Core network (EPC, NMS, EMS, optional AAA)
  • Industrial Terminal Products (Rugged phone, Rugged Tablets, Mobile WiFi CPE, Fixed CPE, Location Tracking Device, and etc.)