A better life in the connected car!

Rising car ownership and increasing congestion means that people spend a growing amount of time in their vehicles. For example, people spend an average of 52 minutes a day in their cars in Beijing and 48 minutes in Guangzhou and Shanghai. During these journeys, drivers and passengers want access to information, communications and entertainment services … Read more

Acetel New CAT6 / CAT12 LTE CPE will be ready in Market

High-performance LTE CPE with Voice function. Acetel will release the new LTE CPE R820 in the market soon. This LTE CPE can works on LTE Cat6 and Cat12 network, simultaneously supporting 4×4 MIMO and 2CC Carrier Aggregation technologies with maximum 400Mbps downlink. With WIFI 802.11 b/g/n/ac technology, the CPE is ideal for the solutions to … Read more

Smart Home, Smart Business

Most consumers just want connectivity, gadgets and services to work, without having to think about purchasing or programming them. The company that provides the most desirable package of converged services, with the highest convenience, wins the customer.Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have been aware of this for years. While providing the network backbone of the digital … Read more