Smart Home, Smart Business

Most consumers just want connectivity, gadgets and services to work, without having to think about purchasing or programming them. The company that provides the most desirable package of converged services, with the highest convenience, wins the customer.Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have been aware of this for years. While providing the network backbone of the digital age, they’ve also sought to own more of the customer through converged communications and media services. But success has been limited by the challenges of legacy architectures and traditional business models. Meanwhile, disruptor companies pile into the pursuit. With the arrival of the smart home, the desire for convenience will create a revolutionary new market. If CSPs are to win the race, they need to respond quickly to serve the smart home customer.

IoT and eSIMs will accelerate the market

CSP advantages: customer lists, trust, data

Disruptors challenge with innovation, speed

CSPs must transform structure & services to win the race