AT310 LTE-M eMTC NB-IOT Asset tracker

The AT310 (LTE) is Multi-function IOT asset tracker. It can support LTE-M eMTC (CAT-M), NB-IOT (CAT-NB) and 2G GSM network. By supporting PSM mode and eDRX mode auto-switching technology, AT310 is the most optimized power consumption tracker solution. It is integrated algorithm for GPS positioning. includes WIFI position, GNSS, GPS+GLONASS BEIDOU, Galileo, AGPS, A+G sensor position, SAR Sensor. Rich Extensive expansion capability. Different accessories design for Kids, Elder, Pets, Bike, outdoor sports…etc. IP66 dust and waterproof.




  • 2G GSM/ NB-IoT/ LTE-M eMTC multi-mode supporting, best solution for IoT tracker.
  • Global network bands supporting.
  • Multiple optimizations for power consumption. Maximum 120 days duration.
  • PSM mode and eDRX mode switching as demand, provide both efficiency and power consumption.
  • Integrated algorithm for GPS positioning. WIFI position,  GNSS, GPS+GLONASS BEIDOU, Galileo, AGPS,  A+G sensor position, SAR Sensor.
  • Rich Extensive expansion capability. Different accessories design for Kids, Elder, Pets, Bike, outdoor sports…etc. IP66 dust and water proof.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 Support
  • 410mAh battery
  • IP66 dust and waterproof


Form FactorSize <55*50*18mm
ColorBlack, White (customize as demand)
ButtonsPower button, SOS button, RESET button.
LED indicatorThree-color LED indicator (battery, charge status, event notification, etc.)
SIM cardMicro SIM and eSIM , default micro SIM card.
USBmicro USB 2.0 interface
Battery capacity>=410mA
Dust and WaterproofIP66
Built-in buzzerBuilt-in buzzer (used to indicate charge/charge status, event notifications, etc.), buzzer loudness defines the standard based on experience measurements. (100db@10CM)
Dual-mode Wireless Access2G+NB-IoT and 2G+LTE M eMTC
2G bands:GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz
NB-IoT Bands:B1,B2,B3,B4,B5,B8,B12,B13,B18,B19,B20,B28
Japan& Korea:B1,B3,B5,B8,B18,B19
North America:B2,B4,B12,B13,B66
Australia and New Zealand:B3,B28
Latim America:B5,B28,others TBD
LTE-M eMTC Bands:B1,B2,B3,B4,B5,B8,B12,B13,B18,B19,B20,B28
China  & Europe:B1,B3,B5,B8,B20,B28
North America:B2,B4,B12,B13
Australia and New Zealand:B28,B3
Japan & Korea:B1,B3,B5,B8,B18,B19
Latim America:B3,B4(AWS),B28,others TBD
Data capacity2G: GPRS 85.6kbps DL/85.6kbps UL,  EDGE 236.8kbps DL/236.8kbps UL
NB-IoT:  34kbps DL, 17kbps UL
eMTC: 300kbps DL, 375kbps UL
RF Power LevelGSM/GPRS 850M/900MHz: +33dBm (Power Class 4)
GSM/GPRS 1800MHz/1900MHz: +30dBm (Power Class 1)
EDGE 850M/900MHz: +27dBm (Power Class E2)
EDGE 1800MHz/1900MHz: +26dBm (Power Class E2)
NB-IoT/LTE-M eMTC ;  +23dBm(power class3)
NB-IoT/LTE-M eMTC duplex modeHalf Duplex
WiFi2.4 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n 1*1, STA, for positioning.  Provides auxiliary positioning function, does not conduct data services
BluetoothBLE, Bluetooth 4.2
Sensor1) Support A+G sensor, used to determine whether the device is stationary or moving, drop event, etc.
2) Support SAR sensor
Positioning1) Indoor and outdoor positioning: Supports GPS/GLONASS/base station/Wi-Fi multiple positioning and supports AGPS.
2) Determine if the device is moving according to A+G sensor and determine if it needs positioning
OthersWorking duration>=21 days
Standby duration>=60 days
Working temperature`-10 to 55°C
Storage temperature` -20~70°C
Working humidity5%~95%
Lanyard (Optional)
Pet Collar (Optional)
Others (such as fixed parts fixed on bicycles, motorcycles, cars, the goal is to be widely used)
Software function(TBD)Track View: View the recorded history track from the APP.
Position reporting: Active reporting of location information during the cycle. The reporting period and time period can be set by the APP. The reporting cycle range is (real time, 1min-24H), the default is 1H; the time range is 00:00:00-23:59: 59.
Automatically reduce the reporting period at low power.
When the device is offline, the location information can be cached (not lost when power is off) and reported to the cloud when the device is online.
APP battery display
Stationary alarm: The APP is automatically notified when it is stationary for a long time (default 3H, configurable). Default off, customizable open.
Network signal loss alarm: When the NB-IoT (or eMTC) signal is lost, the signal loss event is recorded and sent to the cloud after the next network signal recovery.
Shutdown alarm: Automatically notify the APP when shutting down, and carry the last position information (position, time).
SOS One-Click Help:
Press and hold the SOS button for 5 seconds to automatically send location information to the APP+ send a preset message (TBD) to the preset mobile phone number.
Emergency contacts: 10 emergency contacts can be preset (used to send text messages). Cloud settings
Remote Switch Buzzer: Supports remote control of the buzzer through the APP, allowing the buzzer to sound to alert/tell the owner of the device’s location. The vocalization method (volume, frequency) asks suppliers to avoid interference with users and excessive power consumption.
Remote Switch LED: Supports remote control of the LED via the APP, allowing the LED to flash to alert/tell the owner of the device’s location. The flashing method (brightness, frequency) asks suppliers for proposals to avoid interference with users and excessive power consumption.
Interconnect with the APP: The device connects to the APP through the BLE.
Connecting to the cloud: The device connects to the cloud through 2G or NB-IoT or eMTC. The device needs to reserve the docking resources (formats include, but are not limited to: device provider API, third-party SDK integration).
The docking protocol supports MQTT/MQTTs/HTTP/HTTPs/CoAP/CoAPs/FTP (which is enabled when the client has customization)/sFTP, and the data format supports JSON/XML/TLV.
Mobile APP (optional):
(1) APP functions include (but not limited to): user management (account number, user profile), device management (add/delete, device software manual/automatic/forced upgrade, battery/version number/IMEI and other device information view, control device Flash/Beep, View/Modify Location Reporting Period, Geographic Location (View Current Location, Historical Location & Track Display, Electronic Fence Settings and Viewing, Positioning Mode Settings), SMS Management (View/Delete), APP Management (APP Software upgrades, HELP, wizards, LOGO customization, event reporting, emergency contact management.
(2) Support Android, iOS.
(3) Supporting connection with third-party cloud to third-party PaaS platforms